Medical certificate

Medico-Image-1For our Karate activity you can chose between two diffenent kind of Medial Certification avaible for sports: non-competitive activities certificate and competitive activities one. To begin with, having no serious well-known health issues, a non-competitive medical type certificate will perfectly fit our needs. However, for over 40s adult people a medical certificate for competitive activities is recommended or, alternatively, an electrocardiogram ECG under stress made in one’s own initiative at the beginning of every training year. Training confident and safe is like trainig twice.

Medical Certificate for NON-competitive activities

It could be charged (it’s up to the doctor) and its validity lasts 12 months (one year). Average cost (when charged): 30 euros.

It can be released by a Specialist in Sports Medicine, a General Practitioner (Family Doctor) or by a Pediatrician and it has to have a personal history and physical examination and both blood pressure measurement and a resting electrocardiogram attached.

Medical Certificate for COMPETITIVE activities

It is always charged and its validity lasts 12 months (one year). Average cost: 50 euros.

It must be released by a Specialist in Sports Medicine and it has to be made through extensive medical exams to verify the suitability for an intense and continuous competitive-sports training (electrocardiogram under stressspirometry, visual exams and also blood tests, if needed). ♦ Leggilo in italiano

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