Wado-ryu principles

Wado-ryu is a Karate style focused on applicability and effectiveness, therefore it is an excellent self-defense system too. Its basic principles may be summarized in the following bullet points.

General principles

  • Flexibility (Ju) through the use of escaping, avoiding and deflecting techniques (non-contrast principle)
  • Sei ryoku zen’ yo (maximum results with minimum efforts)
  • Mudana dosa (no unnecessary movement allowed)
  • Strict focus on punch and kick techniques return (hikite and hikiashi)
  • Gosen-no-te: in the right moment you are avoiding or deflecting a strike, you have to counter-attack
  • Sensen-no-sente: when your opponent is taking the initiative trying to strike you, you have to anticipate and strike him before he actually starts his attack (pre-emptive timing)

Movement principles

  • Nagasu (let it go, be fast and fluid like water): don’t stop the opponent’s energy but let your body and mind to adapt to it
  • Inasu (dodge it, be like a dewdrop): not the brute force but the grace, because nothing can hardness against softness
  • Noru (act like if you were wrapping or rolling up your opponent): moving forward the opponent’s strike would increase its impact, moving backward would make us lose the opportunity to counterattack
  • Move fast and small, using drawn-up stances and reactive legs (avoid other’s style static positions)
  • Principle of circularity of Aikido

Reference: “Karate-do Vol. I”, Hironori Ohtsuka Leggilo in italiano

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